Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hello from Scott...

Hello, friends of Sea Kayak Carolina! Thanks for all of the support and energy from the Charleston kayak community -- the Pod has be great to us as we have opened the shop.

Good news from the doc today! Seems that after some minor surgery which sidelined me for a bit; I'm on the mend. Should be back in a kayak in a couple of weeks, and fit for full duty the first week in September. I'm looking forward to riding my first wave in awhile. The only question is will I be in my old NDK Explorer, or will I try one of the new P&H Capellas? I fit real nice in the Capella 167... hopefully I can convince Deb and Sue to let me use it!

Again, thanks to the Pod for the continuing support. We are looking forward to serving the kayak community in Charleston (and beyond.) Please stop by the shop to say hello.

Scott, pictured with a friend above, is the managing owner of Sea Kayak Carolina. The shop is located at 1731 Signal Point Road, Charelson, South Carolina. The number to the shop is (843) 225-7969, web site Sea Kayak Carolina is a full service kayak shop, offering kayak tours, kayak classes and retail sales for the Charleston kayaking community. Sea Kayak Carolina, a Place for Paddlers in Charleston!

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