Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The P&H Scorpio

Before this summer, I'd never paddled any kayaks from the P&H line-up, but during the past few months I've enjoyed paddling one of the shop's Capella 161s on a few trips. So, when Scott asked me to track down whatever reviews I could find on the P&H Scorpio -- their plastic boat based on their Cetus design -- I was curious to find out how this model was being received.

A few hours and a dozen Google searches later, I was convinced: The reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. From the innovative 4th hatch (forward of the cockpit and between the knees), to the well-balanced performance -- intermediate and advance paddlers have put the Scorpio thru its paces and found very little wanting.

I haven't had a chance to paddle one from the shop yet, but I'm looking forward to the opportunity. Curious what all those reviewers have to say? Don't miss our compilation page on the Scorpio, complete with all the manufacturer's specs and links to the best reviews and commentary we could track down.

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Scott said...

Steve - Sue "salted" our Scorpio Low Volume today. It will be going into our tour and instruction fleet. I look forward to your impressions of the Scorpio LV! -Scott