Friday, November 7, 2008

Moooooovie Night

We had a great turnout at our first of many movie nights at the shop yesterday. Susan and Susan and Todd and Todd, Sandie, Amy, Dan, Tom, Diana (who brought cheesecake that tasted like an ice cream sundae!), William, Deb and me.

This is the Sea 4 is a spectacular DVD. Incredible scenery and inspiring kayaking. Rock hopping on the Baja peninsula, white water seakayaking on the Ottawa River, balancing tricks in the freezing water of Norway. One of the coolest parts was watching Dubside rolling his folding kayak in rough tide-race waters. That guy is incredible. And I learned about some spectacular kayaking spots on Lake Superior amongst the Apostle Islands.

We were all amazed, terrified, inspired, energized, and just plain entertained by Justine and her film-making.

And it was such fun to view it all with fellow kayakers!

Thanks everyone for coming and experiencing this with me!


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