Saturday, January 10, 2009

Aaaahhh, ooowhoo, Werewolves of London!

Werewolf? There wolf! (Alright, if I haven't scared you off already, please read on for information on today's Charleston Sea Kayaking Meetup Group trip, and a down and dirty lesson on the moon's impact on our tides.)

It's hard for me to see a full moon without thinking of the late, great Warren Zee Von. It was a full moon at perigee leaving the shop today on James Island headed over the Connector to West Ashley.

The Charleston Sea Kayaking Meetup Group left the shop this morning under the direction of William. About 20 paddlers rode the last of the ebb (outgoing) tide toward Bird Key with a break on the sandy beach on the river just short of the Bird Key/Folly Inlet. A reported great time was had by all; complete with dolphin strand feeding and a spectacular capsize and an equally impressive rescue by Lynn. Click here for a photo link of the trip.

The low tide today was 0.6 feet below the mean (average) low tide. This was due to two lunar factors today. The moon was full - in-line with the sun and earth. So the sun and moon were working together to exert a maximum gravitational pull. A spring tide, which happens twice every month at the times of the new moon and the full moon. But today... a perigean tide. The perigiean tide happens at the time of a new or full moon when the moon is closest to earth in its elliptical orbit. What will you do tonight in recognition of the full moon at perigee?

Sea Kayak Carolina is a Community of Kayakers, a Place for Paddlers, in Charleston, South Carolina.

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