Sunday, January 9, 2011

Winter Paddling

This time of year most people put their kayaks up for the winter and start waiting and hoping for warmer weather. For me it's one of my favorite times to paddle. There is very little boat traffic, the water is clear and its invigorating to paddle on a cold crisp day. My girlfriend Debbie and I went out just a couple of days ago and saw dolphins, scores of birds and nobody else except for one lone crab boat making its rounds. What a terrific day!

This doesn't mean you should be unprepared, however, with the water temperature hovering between 45 and 48 degrees, and the air temperature in the 40 to 50 degree range, it can be dangerous — even life threatening. Check out this cold water effects chart for more information.

Please make sure you dress appropriately with synthetic clothing. I use a three-layer approach with a tight fitting breathable base layer, a mid-weight insulating layer and a breathable weatherproof outer shell.

So don't let the cold weather stop your fun: dress correctly, take a warm drink, and extra clothes, then get out there and enjoy this awesome time of the year. See you on the water soon

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