Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day 2 — Part 2: Groundhog Day?

It’s Not the Destination…It’s the Journey.

Back to where they once belonged. If you were following our paddlers on the GPS Spot, you may have noticed an unusual...U-turn.

That double track shows our intrepid adventurers returning to their Friday night campsite (and it bears mentioning again that this is a privately arranged camping spot not generally open to the public).

A phone call from Scott explains the situation: after a fine paddle south across Edisto’s beaches — complete with some play in the surf — our group found that their intended Saturday night camping spot was 1) a long [150+ yards] portage away from the beach, and 2) a hard-packed gravel strewn campsite between two RVs. Feeling fresh, and with fond memories of their first night’s camping experience, the group took a vote (reportedly Paul Bryan lost) and decided to make the return paddle and spend another night at their first pleasantly water-side campsite.

And what will Sunday bring? Plans are a bit up in the air. Our plucky paddlers with either enjoy some Deveaux-area surf play and arrange to take out at Cherry Point… Or they will tackle the longer haul back across Kiawah and into their starting spot on the Folly River.

Which will they choose?

How will it end?

Tune in again tomorrow for the ongoing story. And be sure to drink your Ovaltine.


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